Teamworks demo at 99u

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Last night, we invited 2014 99U Conference attendees to demo Teamworks at the conference kick-off at the Art Directors Club in Chelsea. We talked to an amazing mix of people — from start-ups to non-profits, from financial services to creative agencies — who’d flown in from across the world, looking for ways to bring their great ideas into focus and give […]

Borrow a superpower for a day

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At Teamworks, we define Superpowers as the talent that is uniquely you. Your Superpower is so native to who you are and how you think that it’s part of your genetic code. Like a fish navigating water, you’re in your element when channeling this innate ability. A team usually works best when there’s a balance of superpowers; examples include: […]

Synching up the team’s working styles: Part I

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Synching up the team’s working styles: Part I

Note: This is part one of a two-part series on Working Styles, a Teamworks tool that helps teams better understand and play to each person’s strengths. If you’re a manager who would like your team to take the Working Styles diagnostic, you can sign up for a free two-week trial at Does your team have a hard […]

A way to boost creative problem-solving

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Sometimes we’re stuck with circumstances outside our control. A vendor doesn’t come through, so we’re stuck with materials that are less-than-ideal. A budget shortfall causes constraints. Your brand’s story or goals have changed, but the old ones remain in public consciousness. But necessity can spark creativity if you examine what’s frustrating or hard about the […]

Want to get and stay inspired? Build a wall of quotes

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Every time Howard Behar, former Starbucks executive and author of It’s Not About the Coffee, heard or read an insight he didn’t want to forget, he wrote it down. His office walls were covered with these quotes — which he used as both guidance system and launching pad for conversations with the Starbucks team. “Making these lessons […]

Books We Love: It’s Not About the Coffee

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It’s Not About the Coffee is the story of the world’s most well-known coffee shop, told by former Starbucks executive Howard Behar. We were fortunate enough to meet Behar through SYPartners’ consulting business — and he introduced us to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, who was looking to reinvent the iconic brand at a time when he […]