How to re-instill belief and trust

How to re-instill belief and trust

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Change can be experienced as either loss or opportunity. Sometimes change can result in a loss of belief or trust within the team. When that happens, it’s the responsibility of the manager to re-instill both. Inspired by some sage advice from this Dennis Reina article on Switch and Shift, we recommend these three actions:

• Acknowledge the impact of the changes and the feelings that surround it.

• Create a space where team members can talk about their feelings, fears, anxieties, and hopes in way that’s safe and constructive. Remember that these conversations will happen anyway, and it’s better to bring them out into the open rather than let them shoot through the grapevine.

• Help team members reframe the experience, to shift their energy away from one of negativity and loss to one of creating opportunity by taking charge of the forces.

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