Make a map of your team's superpowers

Make a map of your team’s superpowers

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Last week, we talked about superpowers, the talents that are innate to each person. As a team, you want to know what each person’s superpower is, so you can take advantage of all the team’s inherent potential. You’ll be able to create powerful duos by pairing up people with complementary superpowers—and you’ll be able to plan for potential conflicts by understanding where people’s superpowers can work at cross purposes. (Like when you pair a Peacemaker with a Provocateur.)

Because visual presentations of information help keep ideas tangible and present — and also appeal to both visual and verbal thinkers — we recommend making a map or chart of the various superpowers on your team. This can serve as a layer of project planning: Map out superpowers first; then, when you’re figuring out responsibilities, you can divvy up tasks based on individual talents.

You can also add working style preferences to your map for an even more proactive approach to project planning.

Wondering about your team’s superpowers? To use our Superpowers tool, sign up for a free Teamworks trial and then pick Strengths as your first habit.  


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