A daily ritual to remember what matters

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We’re a fan of team rituals, especially ones that help reinforce Teamworks habits like Purpose. Naomi Simon, founder of the online gift retailer RedBalloon, shares a great one. Every morning, over their first cups of coffee, Naomi and her partner take a few minutes to reflect on their work. They ask themselves: • What is […]

Keep asking yourself these questions

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How do you know if you’re a successful leader? Former Herman Miller CEO Max de Pree says the evidence of success is found in your team, not in you. Here are some good questions to ask: • Do the people on my team understand their potential? • Are they actively learning and growing? • Are […]

On building trust

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Want to keep your duos going strong? Focus on building a bank of trust not feeding a reserve of resentment.

Getting beyond grudges

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Are grudges slowing your team down? Commit to giving feedback in the moment and working through conflicts openly. Don’t indulge teammates who sit and stew without trying to change things.

Belief = fuel

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Belief is like a renewable energy source for your team. Your job as a manager is to keep recharging it.

Better coordination, increased productivity

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Wondering how to boost your team’s productivity? Focus on improving coordination: Clarify roles and responsibilities. Shore up communication gaps. Make hand-offs more efficient. Small process improvements can make a huge difference.

Looking for a good Monday ritual?

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As a team, answer these three questions: 1) What did we accomplish last week? 2) What do we need to accomplish this week? 3) Is there anything standing in our way?

Recognizing outcomes—good and bad

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Some teams rationalize and try to cover up missed milestones. Other teams forget to celebrate victories. Make sure you publically acknowledge both—it could be a victory dinner for a win or a learning lunch for a miss.

Do a belief gut check

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As a manager, your job is to continually keep the team motivated by building belief in the work at hand. To do this, we recommend regularly taking the pulse of the team: Where is belief strong and where is it weak? What do people need to see to feel a deeper conviction?

Empathy can get you unstuck

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When your team is experiencing someone as a roadblock, try explaining the situation from his or her perspective. It opens up new ways of thinking about the problem and can help you generate new solutions.