Write a headline from the future

Write a headline from the future

Posted on May 22, 2014 | Tags: , | No Comments

When you and your team are planning a bold move and trying to tap into your deepest aspiration, it helps to imagine the story as told in the pages of a magazine, newspaper, or popular blog. What would be the headline of the story? What accomplishments would the story celebrate? What would make people on the team feel proud?

Ask each team member to contribute a headline that represents their idea of victory. Then go further — pick your favorite headline and write the first paragraph of the story together. You can even get creative and make a physical version to post in your team space.

As a bonus round: Once you’ve generated your dream headline and story, do the reverse. What would the headline and story be if you failed in a big way? What would be the cause? This helps reveal potential pitfalls and blind spots.

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