How vulnerability can be a source of strength

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How vulnerability can be a source of strength

Poke around any organization, and you’ll find managers who lead from a place of fear. The ones who assert their authority and shut down opposing points of view. Who rarely let down their guard or admit uncertainty. Maybe you’ve worked for this person in the past — maybe you’ve even been this person in the past.

A quick way to gauge the team’s belief level

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Sometimes, team members have reservations that (for whatever reason) they don’t feel comfortable stating outright. Maybe they think no one else shares the same thoughts, and they don’t want to be the naysayer. Or maybe they’ve got a feeling they can’t quite put into words. Which is why we’re fans of gut checking the team’s […]

Lessons learned from the team behind Teamworks

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Lessons learned from the team behind Teamworks

Last week marked a big milestone for Teamworks. As we ramp up from a private beta to a public one, it seemed like a ripe moment to step back and reflect on a few lessons we’ve learned (or relearned).

How to re-instill belief and trust

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Change can be experienced as either loss or opportunity. Sometimes change can result in a loss of belief or trust within the team. When that happens, it’s the responsibility of the manager to re-instill both. Inspired by some sage advice from this Dennis Reina article on Switch and Shift, we recommend these three actions: • […]

How lukewarm duos can get you into hot water

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How lukewarm duos can get you into hot water

Here’s a quick quiz. Think about your relationship with each person on your team, and note whether any of them match the following description: You know some basics about each other but not much more. Your conversations are cordial and generally stay on the surface. You only really interact when the work requires it. There’s […]

How to delegate successfully

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Every manager must delegate, but delegating successfully is an art. Frank Wu, chancellor and dean at the UC Hastings College of Law, offers six helpful tips: • Delegate work that someone else can truly own. Don’t just foist off your own to-do list. • Don’t micro-manage a project once you’ve delegated it. • Give clear […]