Provocative question: Gut check your team’s goals

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Success looks like different things to different teams. It depends on context, history, purpose, and the team’s identity — which means that it’s crucial to gut check your ambitions. As a team, tackle this question: Did we commit to this outcome because we really want it, or because someone told us it’s what we should want? […]

Better coordination, increased productivity

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Wondering how to boost your team’s productivity? Focus on improving coordination: Clarify roles and responsibilities. Shore up communication gaps. Make hand-offs more efficient. Small process improvements can make a huge difference.

Looking for a good Monday ritual?

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As a team, answer these three questions: 1) What did we accomplish last week? 2) What do we need to accomplish this week? 3) Is there anything standing in our way?

Recognizing outcomes—good and bad

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Some teams rationalize and try to cover up missed milestones. Other teams forget to celebrate victories. Make sure you publically acknowledge both—it could be a victory dinner for a win or a learning lunch for a miss.