7 questions to guide decision-making

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As a team, you never want to enter the decision-making process blind. Without enough due diligence, a clear sense of goals, and shared decision-making criteria to serve as a guidance system,  the team could lose time and belief stumbling between options without direction. Use a question and answer method to establish guidelines for how your team makes decisions. […]

Turning the critics into builders

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In any decision-making discussion, it’s easy to get stuck in critic mode — picking away at every option on the table until there’s nothing left. And then you’re back to square one, which can frustrate team members and stall progress. When you notice your team stuck in critic mode, try asking questions that will get […]

How to get around decision dysfunction

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How to get around decision dysfunction

Does your team have decision dysfunction? If so, you’re not alone. In our work with teams over the past 20 years, we’ve found that decision-making is one of the biggest challenges teams face. When the team’s decision-making is impaired, it can feel like a pebble in the team’s shoe — a constant irritant. Or like […]

Make decisions visible to all

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Does your team struggle with keeping everyone informed about decisions? Consider making a decision board in your shared workspace—a place where you can jot down what the key decisions were and why you made them.