When you’re not seeing eye-to-eye, change the lens

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Reframing — getting creative in how you see and solve problems — is one of our nine habits of a great team. But being able to change the lens is a useful skill for individuals too, especially if you find yourself in a tense moment with a colleague. When you’re in a heated conversation, reframing can remove some of […]

How to disagree and keep your duos going strong

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Wherever there are passionate, dedicated people working together on a team — with their own strengths and working styles and nerve-working buttons — there are bound to be disagreements. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Conflict is healthy for a team as long as it gets addressed, and as long as team members approach […]

Go beyond typical team icebreakers

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If you have a team of people who’ve never worked together before, it can be really eye-opening to do an icebreaker that goes beyond the typical get-to-know-you stuff. Sure, it’s fun to learn where someone grew up or who would play them in the movie of their life, but here are some team icebreakers that will help reveal deeper aspects about who people are, what they value, and how they like to work.

When conflict is slowing the team down

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One of the most common team types we see is one we call “Fierce but Fragmented.” This is a team made up of passionate people who all care about doing great work but who have a hard time collaborating together. Often, the source of the problem is weak or broken duos—people don’t fully understand or […]

How lukewarm duos can get you into hot water

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How lukewarm duos can get you into hot water

Here’s a quick quiz. Think about your relationship with each person on your team, and note whether any of them match the following description: You know some basics about each other but not much more. Your conversations are cordial and generally stay on the surface. You only really interact when the work requires it. There’s […]

On building trust

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Want to keep your duos going strong? Focus on building a bank of trust not feeding a reserve of resentment.

Getting beyond grudges

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Are grudges slowing your team down? Commit to giving feedback in the moment and working through conflicts openly. Don’t indulge teammates who sit and stew without trying to change things.

Grant trust before it’s earned

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Want to forge a strong duo with someone right off the bat? Don’t wait for the person to earn your trust. When you first begin working with a new person, bring the same tone and warmth you’d use with a trusted collaborator. Doing this in the beginning of the relationship usually creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.