Keep an inspiration log

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In the day-to-day grind of the workday, it’s easy to lose your sense of excitement and purpose. And, when you feel drained and distracted by the demands of your to-do list, you struggle to remember that there’s a deeper meaning to the work you do. And yet inspiration can come from many places: from a productive brainstorming session […]

Want to get and stay inspired? Build a wall of quotes

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Every time Howard Behar, former Starbucks executive and author of It’s Not About the Coffee, heard or read an insight he didn’t want to forget, he wrote it down. His office walls were covered with these quotes — which he used as both guidance system and launching pad for conversations with the Starbucks team. “Making these lessons […]

Check the team’s actions against purpose

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When we talk about the team’s purpose, it tends to be abstract and aspirational. But, when it comes down to making the gritty, day-to-day choices, it’s easy to get pulled in the opposite direction. You want to reach for the stars; gravity keeps grounding you. Create a simple, gut-check question to ask in important moments, […]

A daily ritual to remember what matters

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We’re a fan of team rituals, especially ones that help reinforce Teamworks habits like Purpose. Naomi Simon, founder of the online gift retailer RedBalloon, shares a great one. Every morning, over their first cups of coffee, Naomi and her partner take a few minutes to reflect on their work. They ask themselves: • What is […]