Knowing when to raise a flag

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Almost all of us have a gut sense when things feel off with the team — like when everyone is working later and later hours but the team still struggles to hit deadlines, or when conversations between team members have an edge to them. While it can be hard to summon the courage to say […]

Create a story to build belief

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Is your team having trouble getting support from key stakeholders? Are you trying to push a larger change within your organization and facing resistance? If so, it’s time to start thinking about your story.

A quick way to gauge the team’s belief level

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Sometimes, team members have reservations that (for whatever reason) they don’t feel comfortable stating outright. Maybe they think no one else shares the same thoughts, and they don’t want to be the naysayer. Or maybe they’ve got a feeling they can’t quite put into words. Which is why we’re fans of gut checking the team’s […]

How to re-instill belief and trust

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Change can be experienced as either loss or opportunity. Sometimes change can result in a loss of belief or trust within the team. When that happens, it’s the responsibility of the manager to re-instill both. Inspired by some sage advice from this Dennis Reina article on Switch and Shift, we recommend these three actions: • […]

Belief = fuel

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Belief is like a renewable energy source for your team. Your job as a manager is to keep recharging it.

Do a belief gut check

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As a manager, your job is to continually keep the team motivated by building belief in the work at hand. To do this, we recommend regularly taking the pulse of the team: Where is belief strong and where is it weak? What do people need to see to feel a deeper conviction?