Start navigating the negative forces

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Start navigating the negative forces

There’s a common refrain among many teams: “If only we had more ___, we could do more ___.” It’s easy to feel knocked around by the negative forces around you. But most teams have a lot more control than they realize.

On building trust

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Want to keep your duos going strong? Focus on building a bank of trust not feeding a reserve of resentment.

Getting beyond grudges

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Are grudges slowing your team down? Commit to giving feedback in the moment and working through conflicts openly. Don’t indulge teammates who sit and stew without trying to change things.

Belief = fuel

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Belief is like a renewable energy source for your team. Your job as a manager is to keep recharging it.

Better coordination, increased productivity

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Wondering how to boost your team’s productivity? Focus on improving coordination: Clarify roles and responsibilities. Shore up communication gaps. Make hand-offs more efficient. Small process improvements can make a huge difference.